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Workshops on Erasmus+ opportunities and toolsDrafting of Erasmus+ KA2 CBHE project proposal and annexesGuidelines for fostering EU-Vietnam mobility experiencesReport on awareness seminars to Vietnamese students, academic and administrative staff on Erasmus+ opportunitiesRelease of the internationalization  monitoring toolCreation of the internationalization virtual centre
The capacity building activities are aimed at improve Vietnamese university staff knowledge on Erasmus+ programme opportunities in higher education sector, namely regards KA1 mobilities and KA2 CBHE projects. Eligibility criteria, funding rules and awards criteria, European Commission tools for partnership building, search of funding opportunities, Grant management and reporting (FTOP), are among the main contents of the workshops.  The project proposal stays as application of the knowledge acquired through the trainings received by Vietnamese partners, contributing to strengthen the links with EU partners beyond project lifecycle and the ownership of CBHE project by Vietnamese partners.The successful experience of partners in mobility projects presented at the occasion of the workshop will be coupled with the needs expressed by workshop and storytelling seminar attendees in order to draft a guidelines document for fostering Vietnam-EU mobility of  staff and students.The report will systematize the results of the awareness raising seminars. An awareness-raising seminar at each Vietnamese university has been foreseen to maximize the impact at local level of the workshops delivered under WP2 on Erasmus+ opportunities and available tools, aiming at addressed to students and academic staff and aimed at reaching the widest number of students and academic staff.The monitoring tool will be based on  the most relevant indicators to track the progress and quality of the different strategies and activities in internationalization field and be made at disposal of the virtual center for internationalization. It will constructed as matrix that will include a set of key performance indicators.  The internationalization virtual centre will stay as a reference point for an increased visibility of the international activities of the Vietnamese universities, as well as a tool for students, staff and universities to be acquainted with the opportunities given by the Erasmus+ programme, and a strategic network for promoting international activities in the country of Vietnam.