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Project summary

The STRIVE project, “STRengthening Internationalization of Vietnamese Emerging universities”, aims at modernize the international cooperation of Vietnamese universities and at foster the collaboration and the networking between EU and Vietnamese higher education institutions by targeting mainly emerging universities in the country.

The project is expected to positively affect the beneficiary universities with an increased capacity and professionalism to work at international level by providing improved management competences and internationalization strategies and with an increased quality in the preparation, implementation, monitoring and follow-up of international projects.

In this regard, the project responds to the Ministerial plan for quality improvement in the higher education sector in Vietnam for the 2019– 2025 period which points out as one of the main principle and strategic direction the need to enhance internationalization.

Having the capacity building activities as its core, in particular the empowerment of university staff on Erasmus+ Programme opportunities exploitation, the project will set up the Internationalization Virtual Centre in Vietnam, representing an opportunity for enhancing the cooperation with EU stakeholders and sustain the engagement of Vietnamese higher education institutions in the internationalization process beyond project life.

In line with the overarching priority of the European Commission “Sustainable growth and jobs” for Asia, the enhancement of capacities in designing and implementing capacity-building projects at international level, as well as the fostering of Vietnamese students and academic staff mobility towards EU countries, foreseen in the framework of STRIVE project by apprehending EU best practices, will contribute to the upskilling of the young population in Asia, leading in the long term to economic growth and jobs.